How to change font, size, color of text in Gmail

Almost everyone got an account with Gmail either free or paid and most of us use it everyday to send mails. Though many of them uses default font, size, color of text while composing a mail in Gmail while many want to change it to something best that can suits there taste. In today’s article from ‘Gmail Help‘ series we will see how to change default font, size, color of text while composing a mail in Gmail.

Step 1 – Login to your Gmail account and locate the ‘Gear’ icon; it has a drop-down options which will take you to ‘Settings’ of Gmail.


Step 2 – Once you click on ‘Settings’ Gmail will display different ‘Settings Tabs’. Now select ‘General’ tab and locate ‘Default text style’ widget. If it is not ‘Enabled’ then enable it.


Step 3 – Now you can choose whatever font, size, and color of text for your mail. Once you done with choosing a right options, click on ‘Save Changes’ from bottom of that page.

This steps will successfully help you to change font in Gmail. In future if you change your mind and wanted to restore the default settings then no worries just click on ‘Remove Formatting’ button ;-)

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